8 Exciting Video Marketing Trends For 2022

January 31, 2022
8 Exciting Video Marketing Trends For 2022 52787 1 - 8 Exciting Video Marketing Trends For 2022

The marketing industry keeps growing, and so does video marketing. Numerous factors have continually contributed to this growth, including data, technology, trends, and even people’s behaviour. Indeed, over the years, we have witnessed video marketing trends change from 30-second ads and viral videos to vlogs and live videos. For instance, new technology has paved more ways to make more engaging video formats like shoppable videos, ephemeral videos, and other interactive videos day by day.

Staying on top of the latest trends is the aim of every marketer. It helps them design proper strategies that will earn them good results. To help you remain ahead of the curve, you need to focus on all upcoming ideologies of video marketing.

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Popular Video Marketing Trends to Check Out


It is extremely prudent to tell the story of your brand. Brand storytelling will help you connect with potential customers, enhance brand personality, and greatly engage your visitors. The perfect way to tell these stories is through Vlogs. Vlogs position the storyteller as the main character as they deliver narratives about topics, events, and different brand experiences from their perspective.

Live Videos

Live streaming videos have skyrocketed the video marketing strategy in a huge way. The Covid-19 pandemic halted people’s way of life, experience, and events. Live videos have emerged as an effective method for brands to continue connecting with their customers.

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Today, the outlook of live videos has transformed as everyone is using these videos. It is a beneficial element since influencers of all brands can utilize it in marketing their businesses. Integration of live videos into your marketing strategy will bring the most out of this new trend.

User-generated Videos

Although user-generated video content has been popular on social media platforms, you can now see it everywhere. These videos include various videos you see from TikTok, commercials, and much more. All of these videos provide the audience with an authentic look, even when that is not the case. Instead of fighting against this trend, you can work with satisfied clients and have them act as brand ambassadors of your product. The customer will then generate video content on their social platform to re-share it to offer you more visibility.

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User-generated videos build trust within your audience and enhance their purchase decisions. Finding brand ambassadors is easy if you use the right approach. Some user-generated video ideas include working with influencers, creating referral programs, and using all the possible means to have satisfied clients on board.

Using Videos in Social Media Stories

Social media stories with videos are highly engaging. They help brands build a more personal touch than other video content. Social media stories provide you with numerous ways to interact with viewers. These ways include polls, the question feature, or Q&As with your audience. You can easily create stories with a video maker equipped to make social media content. Since you are directly getting in touch with consumers, having your videos more casual and clear is more interesting. It will help the viewers interact with you easily and make them understand your product and services.

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Shoppable Videos

Another big video marketing trend is the use of shoppable videos. These videos give your consumers a chance to buy a product right after viewing it. The video should include a button that leads the audience directly to the store to make a complete purchase. Shoppable videos on social media have become one of the huge marketplaces on the internet. In 2022, using such videos is a must for every company.

After watching these videos, consumers don’t feel the need to further search the product manually. Thye can click on the product in the video, and it will redirect them to the landing page where they can buy it from you. The advantage of shoppable videos is that it allows a seamless customer experience as viewers buy eye-catching products right from the advert.

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Vertical Videos are Earning Popularity

While scrolling through your social media platform, you may realize that most videos are vertical. Most videos from TikTok take this style, especially those with stunts, pranks, crazy dancing styles, and more. Overall, these videos in the vertical format are carrying over video marketing strategies. Therefore, you need to know that this style is here to stay, even if you might cringe at vertical videos.

Use of Interactive Videos

Interactive videos come in different forms. An online video editor will help you create videos with virtual reality, games, accompanying elements, or something shared on a post. The use of these videos is rising as days go by. Therefore, it is helpful to provide your customers with something to do at the end of the video. It is a great idea if you intend to keep them engaged with your brand.

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Therefore, when creating interactive videos, never allow it to end with just a viewing. Most viewers who complete such videos will continually work on the task ahead. Therefore, ensure to keep the connection and engagement going using such interactive channels.

360-degree Videos

The use of videos has always been the right channel for brands to promote what they are offering. But the 360-degree augmented reality and virtual reality take your brand a top-notch higher. With this trend, you will completely transform how the consumers view the videos. It allows them to control the angle and view the content for a clear understanding.

Using 360-degree videos, one can learn the full details, looks, and related experiences of a product in a single video. AR will add a virtual element to the existing physical world, while VR offers an immense virtual environment for the consumers.

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Today, the most powerful marketing strategy is the use of videos. From small to big businesses and everyone in between, the use of videos will take your brand a top-notch high. The provided overview lists amazing video marketing trends that will inspire you to rethink your digital marketing strategy. Ensure to learn and know all these trends and use them on your website to keep your viewers engaged in your business.




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