9 reasons why L shaped desk is a great idea

May 24, 2022
9 reasons why l shaped desk is a great idea 294357 1 - 9 reasons why L shaped desk is a great idea

Don’t make the same mistakes I did. These are 9 important things you should know before purchasing a L shaped desk in your desk and chair set. We’ve touched on the major nuances that you should be aware of and what to look for in order to get the best L shaped desk for your needs.


Here is a list of some things to keep in mind when looking for an L shaped desk:


1) Desk height – It’s important to find an office chair that offers good back support with a swivel base so your neck doesn’t get strained from constantly looking up at the screen. You want to sit far enough away from the L shaped desk so that you can type comfortably but not too far away from your screen.

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2) Desk space – If you want to be able to store things underneath your L shaped desk, look for desks with under-desk drawers. If there are no drawers, find a space heater or get a small table or shelf that can hold some of your stuff. Moreover, if you have lots of office supplies, look for desks with file cabinets. The smaller the desk, the higher the chances of your office supplies being knocked over by guests or children.


3) Desk height – If you’re on a computer all day, it’s nice to have a desk that is tall enough that you can look at your monitor from a comfortable viewing distance. When I was trying to find an L shaped desk for my home office, I installed railings on my high-back chair so I could adjust the height of my monitor at any time.

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4) Drawers – An open space with nothing but empty drawers makes it difficult to manage files and office supply items. An L shaped desk with lots of drawers for storage will help you to keep your work space neat and organized. Also, look for desks with multiple shelves if your workstation will require more than one of them.


5) Desk color – A L shaped desk with a color that doesn’t match the rest of your office furniture is not very attractive. I prefer desks that are painted white, but many people find it to be too cold and sterile. Make sure your L shaped desk’s color matches the rest of your office items to make it blend in better.

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6) Lower shelf – The lower shelf on an L shaped desk is best used for printers, fax machines and scanners. That way, your printer won’t be taking away space from your work area. Remember that the main use of a computer is to provide you with information and not to store junk! If you’re using a desktop computer, use a sheet of plywood or MDF (medium-density fiberboard) as the bottom shelf so it doesn’t sag under the weight of the printer.


7) Computer monitor – The size of your computer monitor should be in proportion to the size of your L shaped desk. If you have a small L shaped desk and big oversized computer monitor, it’ll look odd. The ideal size for a computer monitor is between 19 and 22 inches, but bigger is okay too. Also, if you’re sitting too far away from your monitor to see the whole screen, you should get a larger monitor.

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8) Staples vs. screws – There are several ways to attach an L shaped desk to the wall. Both ways require that you attach it permanently, so your L shaped desk will be immobile and you’ll have to rearrange everything to move it. Screws are better than staples because they can be undone if you move or decide that you don’t want the L shaped desk anymore.


9) Desk design – If the design of your L shaped desk is simple and straightforward, then there won’t be anything that distracts from your work space. A clean design allows for your laptop screen, computer monitor and peripheral devices (computer speakers, etc.) to take center stage in your office space.

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These are the 10 things you should know before purchasing your L shaped desk. You should now have a better understanding of the main factors to consider when looking for an L shaped desk. You can usually get an idea of what others think of these brands by reading customer reviews on Amazon or other online shopping sites. This is why I always recommend that you read as many customer reviews as possible before making any purchase online because these days there are a lot of counterfeit products sold through Amazon, eBay and other shopping sites.



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