Fantastic Food in NYC: Five Must Try Restaurants

June 17, 2022
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The foodscape in America is unlike any other. In the southwest there’s barbeque, soul food, and a very diverse selection of other regional delicacies. In the southeast, there’s the famous pike place market which is located in Seattle and offers some of the finest and freshest seafood around. Jumping to the other side of the nation, the northeast specifically, is extremely interesting. New York is sort of the epitome of the melting pot that we call America. As such, it makes sense that it’s a central hub of culture, including fine-dining. New York has long been known as one of those “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” type towns, and for good reason. It takes a lot to be considered a top chef, or a top restaurant in the bustling and ever-busy New York City.

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Even if you’re just landing in JFK for a little lay-over, it may be well worth your while to take advantage of luggage storage in New York and treat yourself to a dinner out on the town. You surely won’t regret it.


Buvette will transport you across the sea and have you immersed in a Paris cafe experience. The upside is everyone will still speak your language. There are a plethora of delicious choices on this menu that will sure to have your mouth watering and your belly growling. Their leg of lamb will certainly fill you to the brim if you come with an appetite.

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Alternatively, if you’d just like to sip and snack, they have an excellent wine list. Their owner, Chef Jody Williams takes a lot of pride in curating their wine list. It pairs excellently with their charcuterie boards, or anything on the menu to be completely honest.


Olmstead is a favorite among foodies, tourists, instagrammers, and locals alike. The chef here, Greg Baxtrom, once cooked at Alinea, and brings his expertise to the entire menu at Olmstead. Baxtrom’s speciality might be in the way he understands and utilizes vegetables but he is much more than that.


His skills in the kitchen extend beyond vegetables and reach into game, and seafood as well. He really is a versatile chef and it shows in his menu time and time again. Beyond that, the dessert here is to die for and should never be skipped. No matter how full you are, you’re going to want to make room. This is some of the best dessert in all of NYC.

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The Four Horsemen

If you like wine, the Four Horsemen is the NYC eatery for you. This establishment is co-owned by four wine-gurus who work tirelessly at keeping their extensive wine list both updated and creative. Notably, they have an entire page on their wine menu dedicated to orange wines. If you ask anyone for help, you’re sure to get a library of information that you may or may not remember.


The place is a little pricey, so you may just want to have a bottle of wine, listen to the music, and eat somewhere else, but even so – it’s well worth a visit and had to make this list. The wine selection is just too good.

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Loring Place

The Loring Place is the epitome of a modern dining experience. Its aesthetic is mostly off-white and pale, with a little flash of blue. This makes it very photogenic and gives it a clean look that can be both very posh, and very laid-back at the same time.


Not only that, but the menu is very vegetable-centric without being vegetarian. This offers a great selection for modern groups who may have a mixed bag of dietary restrictions. While the baked ricotta, the sugar snap peas, and the cauliflower are all wonderful, one of the main options on the entree menu is a glorious bacon cheeseburger.

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There’s something for everyone at the Loring place.

Tavern on the Green

Tavern on the Green is a staple of NYC. It’s located in the heart of central park which gives it stunning views. It is a destination for locals and tourists alike as it delivers a truly wonderful dining experience inside and out. From the American-cuisine menu designed by executive chef Tomasz Surowka, to the delicious beer and wine list, if you can make it to Tavern on the Green, you absolutely should.


Tavern on the Green is also a somewhat historical restaurant, as it first opened its doors in 1934. When you dine at Tavern on the Green, you leave with a little piece of history.

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Last Words on NYC Eats

New York City is one of the most diverse places in the world. It’s a financial and cultural epicenter, and it has some of the best food prepared by some of the best chefs. If you’re planning a trip to New York, or even just passing through, you should treat yourself to a meal or two during your stay. Some of these flavors simply can’t be found anywhere else.



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