How to Grow Your YouTube Channel 

January 19, 2022

If you are a seasoned pro who is just getting started with a YouTube channel and want to promote youtube video, you must find ways to find clients. In the pre-Internet era, advertising for goods or services without significant investment was minimal. Small YouTube channel owners can distribute flyers, organize events in their area, advertise in the classifieds section of local newspapers or magazines, or use other offline marketing tactics. There are now many opportunities to let a wider audience learn about the service locally and globally. Here are some YouTube channel promotion methods that an experienced professional can use.

Submit your YouTube channel to local directories on major search engines.

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All the most essential search engines allow you to include local YouTube channels in their directories. Bing Places for Youtube does not charge a commission, and you have to pay a small fee to use Yahoo Localworks. By listing your services in the directories of these internet giants, your chances of being found by your potential clients will increase significantly.

Create your website

Every reputable YouTube channel or sole proprietor is expected to have a presence on the Internet these days. The company website is required. IT pros can cost a fortune to have a website designed and customized. If your finances are tight, consider using ready-made templates for your website, such as those offered by Godaddy.

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Find blogs that discuss similar services and post comments there with a link to your site.

There are several reasons for this. If your comment relates to an article that contains recommendations or background and practical information, the reader may be interested and follow the link to your site. You can also establish mutually beneficial relationships with other professionals in your field. Finally, posting a link to your site in a comment on another Internet resource will be favorably received by search engines, increasing your content’s ranking.

Set up and host webinars to showcase your services.

By offering webinars, you can get more people to talk about your youtube video promotion services, show yourself as an expert in your field, and be able to collect email addresses that you can later use to send promotional messages.

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Send letters

Email marketing is the most effective online advertising channel. Of course, just sending emails to promote your services can seem annoying to many people. You first had to develop an effective email differentiation strategy. For example, you can offer your potential customers something of value if they agree to provide you with their email addresses. This could be an e-book, a discount on your services, or even another digital gift altogether.

Sign up for websites that connect local professionals with their potential clients.

The Internet is full of resources that allow professionals to advertise their services to residents of a particular state, city, or community. For example, if you are a lawyer, consider opening an account with Here you can post all the details about your education and work experience, give legal advice online, establish connections with colleagues, and do many other useful things. Plumbers, teachers, trimmers, veterinarians, and other qualified professionals can use This site covers the entire United States and is intended for new YouTube channel owners. You will find many features on offer, with multiple subscription plans available for any wallet. Other sites providing similar services are also publicly available. Just find them online.

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Write articles for blogs on other sites to promote youtube videos.

This is called guest posting, and few other marketing methods have the same positive effect. By publishing an article on a third-party source, you can show yourself as a real expert in your area of specialization, put a link to your youtube channel on a popular resource in your niche and advertise your services right in front of the people you are targeting.

Create your YouTube channel

YouTube is a great marketing tool, especially for businesses on a tight budget. Here you can post videos advertising your services without paying the site. However, your videos should be interesting to your target audience and highlight different aspects of your YouTube channel. Otherwise, you risk having few or no views.

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