How to Learn Astrology Easily?

December 13, 2021
How to Learn Astrology Easily - How to Learn Astrology Easily?

People in India believe a lot in astrology. They strongly recommend that one understand and believe in the idea that the universe and its elements impact your life.


Astrologers study the movement of the planets, stars, sun, and houses that have a role to play in your life and its events. A Jyotis (an astrologer) prepares a child’s birth chart when they are born according to the placement of their universal elements.


You’ll read about the importance of birth carts in astrology books and even learn how to make them. According to expert astrologers, the planet, sun, stars, and the houses at the time of your birth determine events in your life, such as when you will get married, how much life you will have, and your sun signs rising sign, and much more.

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When you go in-depth and read about the importance of each house and how a zodiac sign rules them, you will know to study a birth chart (Janam Rashi).


Why do people want to learn astrology?

Astrology is a study behind the science of the movement of universal elements and their effect on your lives. Many people who strongly believe in the concept are keen on learning it. They either want to learn and spread the knowledge to others or are just curious to know about their life.


Like many others, you must also have read daily predictions about your zodiac signs. But do you understand the true meaning of what is written in those columns? If you are curious about what astrology is, to learn more about your life, here are three ways to achieve it.

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Learn about the zodiac signs in detail

Most of you are familiar with your sun sign as it is associated with your birthdate. But when you are born, all the zodiac signs are present in your birth chart. All signs are placed in the twelve astrological houses.


As the sun travels through all zodiac signs, the signs change their house and move to another. Depending on this movement, the astrologer predicts your future. The zodiac signs that astrologers recognize are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Cancer, Libra, Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Capricorn.


Know names of all sun, moons, and stars that influence your sun sign

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For more accurate predictions, astrologers study the movement of the sun, moon, and the nine planets in earth’s orbit. Depending on where they are positioned in orbit, it will impact the birth chart.


Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, The sun, and the moon influence your future.


Know the different astrological houses

There are in all 12 houses in which each zodiac sign resides. They are arranged in circles and are influenced by the hours of the day. Each house has value in your life, and they are known for the following.


1st: Self

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2nd: Money and property

3rd: Communication and conversation

4th: Home and its elements

5th: Children, pleasure, and creative life

6th: Professional life and Health

7th: Relationships and marriage

8th: Common finances

9th: Education and religion

10th: Respect and reputation

11th: Social group and friendships

12th: Habits, memory, and other related things


You can learn about these things in depth in a book or a workshop. Choose what suits you best, and give it some time. You cannot learn something new in a day, and astrology needs lots of patience and power. So, dedicate yourself to studying the details of this science, and you will gradually understand its details.

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