Motivation for introverted students in a classroom

May 2, 2022
motivation for introverted students in a classroom 159259 1 - Motivation for introverted students in a classroom

It is a social norm that introverts cannot perform as well in life as an extrovert because they have lesser capabilities. The lesser-known fact is that extroverted or introverted qualities of a student do not affect their academic performance at all. Some situational changes might be exceptions, but mostly it is a misconception that introverts are less skilled. Most of the time they need motivation.

Extroverts and great at extracting motivation from other people because they are constantly in touch with some people or the other. Introverts, on the other hand, are thinkers who often interact with themselves only. this means that they are their sole means of innovation and motivation. teachers can give them a boost and help them out in some areas.

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There are three different ways in which educators can motivate introverted students in a classroom, as guided by most school ERP;

The observatory phase

●     No typecasting in a classroom:

Making observations is common for a teacher, especially when they are involved with the attendance management system too. However, try not to make it extremely obvious. When students realize they are being noticed, their personality traits are impacted, and feeling vulnerable makes them more hesitant. Teachers should not allow their observations to become typecast.


●     Observe their qualities:

Observations should be made only to determine how capable a student is. To make an unbiased observation, a teacher has to overlook their introvert label. Introverts might seem shy, but the type of jokes they make with their close friends, the activities that they participate in, and their favorite subjects can tell a lot about their skills.

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●     Notice how long they take to respond:

Introverts are hesitant while answering in a classroom despite knowing the correct answer. They don’t want to be the center of attention, which is why they might raise their hand a little later after a few students do. Allow such students to answer in class.


●     One on one conversations:

And introverted students will avoid bringing up any challenge that they face while studying, or attending a class. It could be related to a topic, a person, or might concern personal issues. Under such circumstances, teachers need to communicate with the student on a one-on-one basis. It helps them to feel important. Moreover, a safe and quiet environment is not overwhelming, enabling them to speak clearly and honestly. Only by sharing their problems will they be able to overcome them, and teachers should allow them to share problems through personal interactions and conversations.

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●     Tokens of appreciation:

The qualities of an introvert go unnoticed because they don’t indulge with other students as much. Teachers can come forward and appreciate their efforts to make them feel included in classroom activities. It also allows the student to take a step forward into indulging in classroom activities.

Final classroom changes

●     Creation of a low key environment:

The classroom space is supposed to be for everyone, meeting the needs of all kinds of students present. After all, it has an impact on the behavior of students. Hence, a classroom should be designed by a teacher on the concept of inclusion.

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Because it is a communal zone, it should allow enough space for students to calm down, and focus on studying. Include personal boards where all students are free to put up their artwork, and discussion time at the end of the class in case a student wants to share something. Both introverts and extroverts should feel included in all activities of the classroom.

●     The zero period:

It is the last class at the end of the day before students pack up to go home. Most schools don’t include this class because it is considered a waste of time. But students like to have a zero period because it helps them calm down and organize or/and recollect all that they had learned through the day. Introverts like to spend this time alone, end engage in quiet activities such as focusing on personal challenges, understanding possibilities of future circumstances, and so on.

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●     Explore varied teaching channels:

No one teaching method has proven to be useful for educators. They have to keep changing their means of education from time to time to suit the needs of every student. Especially with emerging technologies, it has become easy for teachers to diversify their teaching channels.



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