Various Kinds of Office Furniture

March 8, 2022
Various Kinds of Office Furniture 53109 - Various Kinds of Office Furniture

The furniture retailing industry in Brisbane grew by 20.1 from 2020 to 2021. Outdoor and home office furniture segments witnessed the most expansion. As of January 2022, furniture retail businesses’ monthly and quarterly turnover has been 1.8% and 6.4%, respectively. Although most people generally think of office furniture limited to chairs, tables, and desks, there’s much more to it. Every office space demands different kinds of furniture units. Today you can find various modern office furniture in Brisbane, like ergonomic chairs and a complete fit-out for a multi-level head office. Below are some of the major furniture items you can look into for your office space:

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Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic office chairs are an essential part of every office’s seating arrangement that provides adequate comfort to employees who sit for long hours. These chairs have adjustable seat depth and seat height. They also have a height-adjustable lumbar and back support, which help in preventing lower back pain. It also improves the posture of the individual sitting on it. It’s because such chairs are designed to align with the natural curve of a person’s back. So, the person feels better even while sitting for an extended time.


Office Desks

No office is complete without office desks. A good quality desk provides accessible space for various items, digital devices, and equipment. Today you can find desks in multiple shapes and styles like four-person workstation pods, one person corner workstations, and four-person corner workstations with screens. You can find one that fits well with your office layout and is easy to maintain. Comfortable office desks offer a great user experience and also enhance employee productivity.

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Storage Solutions

Another essential furniture item is different kinds of storage units in an office. It is vital for staff members not to lose track of any crucial documents or papers. Drawers, shelves, and cabinets keep various things like books, files, old newspapers and the like organised. It would help if you chose storage solutions only after finding their size and capacity. Today, you can place a bulk order for office furniture in Brisbane and get all kinds of storage solutions like office chairs, tables, and boards at great prices. Ensure that your storage solutions provide you with good security so that you can keep all your personal and sensitive materials in it.

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There are mainly two kinds of lockers for the office arena, electronic and mechanical. The former is more secure and safer than the latter. They also have features like motorised shooting bolts and auto freeze. Automated lockers have keylock functionality. They are also compact and lightweight. You can find lockers of steel, laminate plastic, and wood. To find a suitable safe for your office space, consider factors like the locking options available, dimensions, and the number of locking points. Apart from that, you should also factor in the tiers, material, and colour of the locker.



Stool refers to a backless chair. Their installation can refine the look of your workspace. Today, you can find adjustable office stools whose height and back you can adjust according to your needs. You can also find various colours, styles, and upholstery options in them. Such ergonomic stools help in enhancing the productivity of employees.

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These are the significant types of office furniture items that you can explore for your office area. Always choose comfortable and ergonomic arrangements as they provide the best support to the worker. Decide on your budget and find options that fall in it.


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