What Is A Good Price For Rubber Dumbbells?

January 14, 2022

A good price for rubber dumbbells is any that you would be comfortable spending money on. When thinking about what a “good” price means, think about the other parts of your workout routine. Will they get used? How often? Are you looking to buy more this month or in the next year? What’s most important: quality or price? The answers to these questions will help determine what constitutes a “good” price for your own needs.


Some brands may have higher quality than others, so be sure to read customer reviews or ask at the store. Cost is usually a good indicator of the quality, but not always. Your best bet may be to go to your local gym and speak with the equipment manager. They will most likely know what’s popular, what will last through both high- and low-intensity workouts, and when it comes time for replacement parts — where you can find them (and how much they’ll cost). They’ll also know how much weight you need for various exercises.



Rubber dumbbells are manufactured in sets from 3 pounds to about 100 pounds each (the really big sets are actually massive rubber bands that loop around 2 pieces of metal). The weights (and size of the dumbbells) are measured in pounds, kilograms, or stones. If you are looking for more than one set at a time, it is best to buy brand-specific sets that have the same weight ranges so you do not have to buy one set up to twice as heavy as another.


A good price for rubber dumbbells depend on the following factors:


  1. When do you need them? Rubber dumbbells are made for both strength training and weight resistance training. They are often good for either core or upper body workouts since they are heavier enough to add resistance to the legs, arms, and back. Sometimes you’ll want a lighter set when exercising certain body parts only; this is especially true when working out with free weights.
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  1. How often will you use them? The more frequently you use rubber dumbbells in your workout routine, the higher the quality of dumbbells you can buy. If you think about buying sets initially (instead of buying the five-pounders first), this makes sense because they may get damaged or lost in a short time if used too frequently. If you are not sure how often you’ll use dumbbells, ask the guy at the gym or go to your local fitness shop. He can direct you to a type of dumbbell that fits your routine.


  1. Are you looking for a long-term investment or something that will get used in a short period of time? Most rubber dumbbells purchased in sets will cost more than if bought individually (except for some specialty sets). However, buying 5 pounders instead of 10 pounders may save money down the road since they are cheaper to replace and maintain over time.
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  1. What is your budget? Since a good price for rubber dumbbells depends on a few factors, your budget comes into play. If you have a large budget opened up for exercise equipment, then the sky’s the limit on what you can spend. If you are looking for something cheaper and more affordable, look for deals at sporting goods stores or deal sites. Some stores like Dollar Tree and Family Dollar offer great deals on 30 to 40 pound sets that can be very affordable — especially if they will not get used as often as professional weightlifting sets.


A good price on rubber dumbbells should feel right at the time of purchase and meet your needs based on experience or with expert advice.

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