Why Is Adidas Yeezy a Popular Choice Among Sneakers?

April 7, 2022

The Adidas Yeezy shoe empire has not been on the market for long. But, first given birth as Kanye West’s collaboration with Adidas, it has gone up the charts as one of the most formidable shoe brands in history, made well known by its famous design and handsome market value. So, what makes Yeezy popular?

Boost technology

Recently released designs starting from the Y3 series back in 2013, Adidas Yeezy incorporates the boost technology to the sneakers. The release of this technology, made from the combined ideas of the Adidas Innovation Team and German chemists, has created massive attention in the sneaker community.

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In general, boost technology uses expanded thermoplastic polyurethane in the soles. This plastic allows the soles to bounce back when compressed, thus producing high energy return and improved shock absorption.

Boost technology provided unmatched cushioning properties, able to cope with varying temperatures, making running in the snow even possible. The technology also offered more flexibility and better durability, giving the user a good running experience. Adidas’s boost technology has evolved into many forms depending on its application.

Limited and high resale value

Adidas Yeezy has a limited number on the market, and access to them is also very hard. You would have to go through Adidas’ ballot system to purchase the shoes, which is done online. High demand but limited supply makes Yeezy one of the most coveted shoes in the market today.

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Due to scarce supply, Yeezy shoes also have a resale value higher than their retail price. Demanded by many shoe collectors, Yeezy’s resale value continues to rise, permitting them to be considered “an emerging alternative asset class” by investment bank Cowen & Co.

The West influence

It was 2015 when Kanye West and Adidas first released their collaboration named “Yeezy Season 1”. A continuous release of designs and series has taken place. Because West is already a familiar name, product promotion has become more accessible.


West is one of the most influential artists, and this influence helped Yeezy shoes gain more popularity over time. In addition, West has utilized his social media influence to give his brand more attention. Ranked ninth on the hottest brand list by Business and Fashion, indeed Yeezy’s popularity is undeniable.

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Also, West is known to create significant trends, giving people the concept that whatever he wears will be famous, which resulted in an increased demand for his brand. His marketing strategy was unremarkable, making Yeezy one of the most successful brands.

Style variations

With each release, Yeezy appears to have a unique look. They are even called “weird,” which enables them to be worn with whatever outfit combinations they may have.

From the release of the towering 500 High to the uniquely shaped 450 Cloud White to the weird-looking Foam RNNR Sand, Yeezy will keep you entertained with its product designs. However, if weird is not an option, Yeezy also offers trendy everyday sneakers like the 350 V2, Boost 700, and 500.

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There are many more reasons why Yeezy became a popular trend. The ones mentioned above were only some of them. Though it is not an easy path to popularity while maintaining a good quality of product, Yeezy is expected to surprise people in the following years to come


Author: Hannah



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